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Commitment To Safety


Wyatt Field Service Co. has a long history of outstanding safety performance and recent prestigious accolades are a testament to Wyatt’s dedication to our outstanding safety performance.

The company performs work for refining, chemical, pulp and paper, power, and related industries. Its service includes the erection and maintenance of industrial processing equipment and mechanical systems.

The success of Wyatt Field Service Companies’ Safety Program starts from the top down, and although this is a cliché statement used by most companies it’s one that is very true.  This relates to our Project Managers, Field Superintendents, Foremen and Craftsmen who view every task as one that’s never been done before.  As they say, being complacent is the worst thing that can occur.  If your management is not committed to having a great safety program, that is communicated to the people who execute the work, Safety will take a back seat and injuries will occur.  The Safety training that all employees receive both from the appropriate Safety councils and the client’s specific programs leads to a project well executed with Safety being number One and the accepted wording that “Nobody Gets Hurt” is what makes a successful project. Project’s safety reviews are conducted on a weekly basis and if suggestions result from our staffs and are found to be “on point” then they are incorporated into our safety execution plan.  Every employee is trained in the art if “you see something, say something and you have the right to stop work and discuss a better and safer method of executing the task”.

Field Safety audits, Employees Observations Program, Immediate Supervisor Checklist, Wyatt’s Short Service Employee Program, Safety Tech of the Day Program, JHA Policy, and Wyatt’s STOP Authority Program are conducted on each project to ensure that work is being done in accordance with the Safety Execution Plan. Top company Managers take an active role, visiting each project to ensure that they are performed safely. Wyatt’s safety record speaks for itself and something we take pride in. 

Danny Vara, the company’s Safety Director, attributes this milestone to the dedication and teamwork of all Wyatt personnel, as well as management’s commitment towards safety.

Wyatt provides a dedicated staff of construction supervisors and safety professionals to oversee projects. Our effort has paid off, to which the Company was recently honored with several safety awards.


Wyatt Field Service Company Safety Awards:

American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM)

            14 Contractor Safety Achievement Awards from 14 Different Refineries


Golden Triangle Business Roundtable Port Arthur TX

            Safety Excellence Award- 2 Different Refineries


Coastal Bend Safety Council Award Corpus Christi TX

            Safety Excellence Award-2 Different Refineries