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Our Capabilities

Wyatt Field Service Company is a premier heavy mechanical contractor, serving the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries, providing FCC and Coker Turnarounds, Maintenance Turnarounds, towers, vessel and sphere construction and specialty welding services.

FCCU Revamp Specialists

Wyatt has over fifty (50) years experience in the FCCU business. In the last ten years, Wyatt has successfully completed 45 FCCU turnarounds so our specific FCCU experience assures a successful project.

Coker Turnarounds

Wyatt Field Services provides complete drum replacement (including derrick removal), delta valve removal and replacement, drum restoration and repairs and much more!

Maintenance Turnarounds

Our teams are highly trained and will solve any unanticipated issues that may occur to save you downtime and get your unit back on stream as quickly as possible.

Project Management
& Engineering

Our team represents decades of experience with planning, constructability review, cost tracking, project execution, procurement/outsourcing and subcontract management.

Towers, Vessels & Spheres

Wyatt is one of the leading companies in the U.S. with the qualifications and experience to erect a full range of towers, vessels, spheres and related equipment. 

Piping & Alloy Welding

Our welders are trained and certified in the newest techniques and welding procedures for carbon, stainless steel and alloy materials as well as any unusual or special configurations your processes may require.

Capital Construction

Wyatt Field Service Company provides capital project construction services for the oil, gas, and chemical industries, performing 40-100 million dollars of capital work annually.