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FCCU Repair, Louisiana

FCCU Repair, Louisiana



  • 274,530 Man Hours
  • Zero Lost Time Accidents
  • Completed On Schedule
  • Completed On Budget

Project Overview

The Wyatt Project Team moved on-site to begin the detailed constructability planning and scheduling. Selection of the head replacement method and cyclone replacement method, along with detailed planning enabled Wyatt to schedule a significant scope to be completed Pre-Turnaround.

Wyatt engineered and fabricated the new Regenerator Head as well as two primary support structures, head/plenum/cyclone assembly an additional support structure to receive the old head after it was removed. Wyatt has performed numerous FCCU heavy lifts and drew upon this experience to assure the flawless execution of the work. Additional work was identified during the turnaround, to which the Wyatt team responded with the extra manpower and materials to complete the work on schedule.

Project Scope

  • Reactor and Regenerator Pre-Fabrication
  • Removal and Installation of Regenerator and Reactor
  • Replacement of 3rd and 4th stage Separator
  • Removal and Installation of Overhead Lines
  • Removal and Installation of Expansion Joint
  • Removal and Installation of Major Piping

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