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Coker Drum Replacement, Lake Charles, LA

Coker Drum Replacement, Lake Charles, LA

Toledo Refining Company

Project Overview

During the pre-turnaround, we fabricated and erected a steel jig stand for the new Regen head. We paired and racked 10 pairs of cyclones, fabricated the Regen Plenum and Regen Head and set into the steel jig stand. We set and installed the new Regen riser laterals, fabricated new Regen air rings, and welded existing Regen Head lift lugs.

During the turnaround, we removed and installed the Regen OH Line, Regen Head with Plenum and cyclones, internal riser, Cat cooler, slide valve, and trays in the main column. We also removed the existing shed rows and installed new packing design and supports in the Reactor (PWHT Required).

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